Rev him up Dolly, He's already well lubricated!

Nikolai quickly makes a reputation as a lady’s man around Mount Rocketville, cutting a dashing figure in his gleaming white uniform, the girls would just swoon, and if you were lucky you’d get to tickle his dogs tummy.

A regular visitor to the twins at the WindOmatic station with is FSC (fairground scout car). Nikolai liked to make sure that all his cogs were well lubricated, and the Twins made sure he got just the right amount of friction.

“We can’t have you scorching your under carriage, Sir. I’ll get Molly to give your grease nipples the once-over as well, otherwise your WOF is better than your dogs bark,” said Dolly.

There was something about Molly and Dolly that looked familiar but Nikolai couldn’t quite put his hand on it. Well, not yet anyway!!!