Our villainess in this story is Lippy P Galore, played by Deb Batkins from The Bay of Plenty Times. 

Lippy P Galore (LPG to her close friends) is one of the most powerful ladies in the world, head of the Lippy Galore Foundation, the worlds largest cosmetics company .

Creator of “Luscious Lippy Pocket Rocket” the longest lasting Lippy that keeps a girl smiling all day (batteries not included).

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.
When Lippy finds out what Nikolai has been up to with her twins all hell will break loose.

Our numerious sets of "Twins" are played by Nicole Emmett, Arataki Kindergarten mums.

The twins outstanding attributes  will contribute to our hero’s down-fall on many occasions.

Totty and Booty are the daughters of Lippy P Galore.

Candy and Mandy (FlyMe) the "Double D'AirWays" hostesses will help the young Nikolai enter New Zealand after his escape from Lippy and the Twins.

Dolly and Molly RevUp will make sure he is well lubricated!

Maud and Mabel are the lads aunties to which he attributes his liking for large helpings of Twins (characters to be announced)

Madam Doyenne du Comice, a juicy pear, Night Club Manager at the Telstar.
This character is a full house and too much to handle for now :-)