Jill Bickers

I really enjoyed the experience and the opportunity offered to improve my camera skills. 

That did happen for me but what impacted me the most was to look carefully at what is in front of me to be photographed so that
it is not just another waterfall taken with a slow shutter speed. 

Composition with foreground interest makes a huge difference to an image and takes my work into a new level. 

Not just that, but whole rock or no rock.  Also the importance of weights on the tripod to keep the camera absolutely still. 

My images are pin sharp front to back.

"I would not have used F22 and ISO 100 as the settings to work with on my camera, then changing only the shutter speed for exposure, I did learn more about camera settings".

Ken you are a very generous kind person who is really helpful and passionate about what you do and a good teacher. 
Some can teach and others know their stuff but cannot teach.

Trish Peddle

I was so appreciative of the opportunity to attend your workshop.  For me waterfalls were always lovely to view but I have never enjoyed photographing them as I was never happy with the end result.  From the very basic steps before we even start to shoot, through the composition, settings and final result was a major triumph in the way to see a waterfall and surroundings as opposed to the way I used to see a waterfall.  You have got me thinking in a whole different way as to my approach to attempting some great compositions around water/sea scapes. 
Your down to earth approach and instruction was so simple to comprehend and has been
invaluable in opening up a new and exciting approach to this area of photography for me.

Thank you for giving up your time, I really appreciated the one on one tuition.

PSNZ National Convention, Tauranga 2015,
Kaiate Falls workshop "In search of a hidden vortex" with Ken Wright

Special thanks to Ian Purden for this image

Sue ShepherdTarawera Waterfall workshop with Sue Shepherd, great training for your Iceland trip Sue!
Had a great day with Ken Wright from Tauranga last week. Ken has done some wonderful work with slow shutter speeds and I wanted to learn some of his techniques...

Carl Shann
Ken took me out for a shoot. Was the best Idea i have had. He got me to the locations i would either have never found or would have not persevered with the walk. I class my self as a hobbyist photographer and have had good experience with my camera out of auto. Ken brought a wealth of knowledge and helpful hints. I would not hesitate to recommend him to either you or a loved one who is wanting to take the next steps in getting out of auto and take the leap in attending one of his many workshop. I wouldn't hesitate to go out again with Ken. If your not afraid to get your feet wet then image like this can be achieved.

Carl Shann, Karangahake Gorge