Cpt Rob Murdoch - “The Dark Side of the Mount” exhibition.

Rob Murdoch approached Lightwave Gallery to exhibit his art with a view to have a solo exhibition. His work covers the general “diesel punk” part of the fast growing “steam and enjin punk” movements that cover the Victorian and later years science fiction novels, the days when authors could only dream of ray guns, rockets, and time travel.

Through initial meetings with Rob, Ken Wright, Director of Lightwave realised that to give provenance to Rob’s collection of ray guns and other worldly things, there needed to be a concept, a story, something to make the exhibition more than simply a collection of works hanging on the wall.  There needed to be some form of experience.

To give more weight to a germ of an idea we invited a “League of Extraordinary Artists” to participate. This would not only allow other artist to showcase their work but also give a sense of reality to what was becoming the emerging story, “Cpt. Rob Murdoch - The Dark Side of the Mount”.

Ken Wright Director of Lightwave Gallery has thirty years experience in exhibition design and display work. The idea to make two galleries feel more like film set while retaining the feel of the gallery and artworks for sale is a fine balance, we want to give the public an experience, but at the end of the day, the works of art are for sale. The concept is simple, we will have Cpt. Rob’s study, his tele-krono transportator room and a secure vault with dangerous artifacts captured from the farthest corners of the solar system. This will be a new experience for Tauranga, Lightwave is a progressive gallery and the use of audio visual is essential in creating an atmosphere. This show is certainly from an “outer atmosphere,” says Ken.

We decided that we would write a series of short journals that gives the background story to Cpt Rob. Rob is sole heir to the Murdoch industry’s empire, purveyors of fine ray guns for the solar traveler since last Thursday tea time, famed Sky Bullet commander from the Saturn’s Moon campaign etc.

The League of Extraordinary Artists includes, Rob Murdoch, Simone Anderson, Nick Eggleston, Nic Clegg, Graeme Thompson, Ashley Grant, Ken Wright, Clive Armstrong, and others have shown interest.