This is a sort of ‘work in progress’ which will follow the process of writing and illustrating a graphic novel by Ken and Karen Wright. The book will include stage sets, paintings, graphic imagery and potential merchanise.

The story is set in the early fifties, against a backdrop of the cloaked secrets of Roswell, Area 51, Schwinns, twin top ice creams, double delight doughnuts and snap dried shrunken aliens preserved for freshness.

Is it serious? Not on your tricycle!!!
However it is a serious must for everyone young at heart. A walk on the lighter side of life, and as scary as Palins “Ripping yarns” with a dash of Benny Hill and the odd Python with a cream horn!!

The interesting twist to the story is that all the characters are played by local people from The Bay.

As we have gone through the year with our Steampunk Show a story has evolved for Nick Eggleston’s character Raygun Rex.

This forms the basis of the whole book with two other local boys playing his character in the early years.

These early years are played by Mitchell Buckley who is five and has just started at Te Akau ki Primary School. Mitchell came on a visit to our gallery when he was at Papamoa Kindy. Within a few days of the visit we had some photos sent to us of Mitchell’s creations that had been inspired by what he had seen at our Lightwave Gallery.

So, using Mitchell, the story starts. He becomes Nikolai age five, where the scene is now set for the young boy’s fascination with rockets, aliens and Schwinns. Self-appointed defender of the planet and purveyor of the finest jerky in the known galaxy.

Next we found Jesse Wright (no relation), an 11 year old from Omokoroa No 1 School. He also came on a school trip to visit Lightwave Gallery and was really taken with the Steampunk guns that were on display and went away and made his own version of some retro guns, which will subsequently be included in the exhibition.

Our sets of twins are played by Nicole Forster, an Arataki Kindergarten mum. The twins outstanding attributes will contribute to our hero’s down-fall on many occasions.

Local artist, Rob Murdoch, appears in the story as Captain Rob from a parallel universe, i.e. “The Dark Side of The Mount”. (Rob Murdoch’s steampunk rockets and guns triggered the whole idea for the book).

Our villainess in this story is Lippy Galore, played by Deb Batkins from The Bay of Plenty Times.

Other characters in the story will be revealed as the year progresses!!

Note: No children were harmed in the making of this story but the odd alien was shrunk. Any similarity to characters, living or deceased, who are seemingly so depicted, shall be deemed as purely coincidental.