Novice: The Basics - Beyond Auto (4.5 hours, $375)

This workshop is for you if: you have your first Digital SLR camera and you shoot most
of your images on “A” (auto), “P” (program, found on more expensive cameras)
or one of the many pre selected “Scene” modes like:

 Portrait • Landscape •Sport • Beach • Child • Close up, etc.

The aim of workshop is to understand all the settings on your camera and learn to take control.
We will explore the basics, holding your camera steady, focusing, depth of field, ISO sensitivity, file types, metering, exposure,
fast moving objects and basic composition.

This is a one day intense workshop aimed at giving you as much one on one time, the day will start with a briefing at Kens Studio
followed by a location shoot, basic lunch provided, mid afternoon spent reviewing images and looking at processing and storage and
looking after your gear.

There are no set dates for classes, I will work around you, based in Papamoa, field locations depend on the weather, One on One private tuition based around your needs.


You will need a camera that allows for ‘A’ Aperture, ‘S’ Shutter and ‘M’ Manual settings.

Your Camera Manual (different brands have different setting)

A tripod could be useful but not essential.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for your own camera gear at all times and you are responsible for your own safety,
you will not be asked to go anywhere you don’t want to or feel unsure of, SAFETY comes FIRST.