An extract from Journal two: Star Date 24/01/1913

Thereupon Cpt. Murdoch, slightly worse for wear and smelling terrible, was soon picked up by a band of local militia. He then realized he’d slipped back in time to the 1820’s and was now in the hands of a band of “Solar Rangers” (damned good chaps) famed for their exploits on the “Light Side of the Mount” just before things turned “Dark” the following Wednesday afternoon.

Cpt. Murdoch’s encounter with the Solar Rangers, lead by the now-infamous leader, Major Kenny Zulu Wright, ex Papamoa Drift Core, would prove to be a significant turning point in his career which would lead to many more hair-brained ideas and inventions.


The Painting

Wind it up Wrighty, Lippy is hot in her heels!

To set the scene:

Raygun Rex has been kidnapped by Lippy Galore and the  Double Delight Doughnut Girls.

In the midst of pleasuring Raygun to get him to divulge his Double Stiff Jerky recipe, Lippy’s ample charms clip the ejector button and...


All hell breaks loose. Raygun’s chair is ejected clean through the side of the Telstar Lava Lamp Rocket. Spiralling out of control the rocket plummets back to the earth, penetrating the hole in the ozone layer in what can only be described as a “bad re-entry.”

The rocket crashes into the ocean just off Papamoa on the Light Side of the Mount. Raygun, and his trusty dog Sherman, is rescued by Major Kenny Zulu Wright, Solar Ranger, Papamoa Drift Core (damned good chap) .

No trace is found of Lippy Galore and the Double Delight Twins, (Totty and Booty).
This is not the last time Raygun and Major Kenny will encounter Lippy Galore, nor the last time she would try to relieve Raygun of his Double Stiff Jerky recipe.