Thank you to the Park Rangers at McLaren Falls Park.

Ken Wright, local photographic artist and owner of Lightwave Gallery donated a large panoramic canvas as a special thanks to Gary Borman, Park Ranger, McLaren Falls Park. The Canvas now sits in the visitors' center for everyone to enjoy.

Gary Borman and assistant Murray Martin helped Ken with his "Beyond the Ledge ~ Waterfalls" project, by guiding him into Omanawa to take spectacular images of the falls and moss covered rocks.

The unforeseen events of the Rena disaster interupted Ken's work as ocean photographer, leaving him with no beach to photograph. Hence on a chance visit to Otanewainuku Forest to see Whataroa Falls Ken discovered a second fall "Beyond The Ledge", and the falls project was born. Not only did he discover the second fall, and a third that was beyond access, he met the local landowner Hans Pendergast who guided him to photograph fall No3, 4 and 5. "Most people would only ever see one, some would see No2 but the rest are.... way beyond the ledge".