Journal two: Star Date 24/01/1913

Enrolled at eighteen to the “Sky Bullet Academy”, Murdoch’s early years were spent in training on the now famed SB Mk1 fighter plane*. He then went on to be trained in dogfighting on the lost SB Mk V fighter, and progressing swiftly through the ranks into the elite SB Mk X fighter** and becoming leader of  Viper Squadron.

Viper Squadron, was of course famed for its resiliency, with hundreds of enemy kills during the Saturn’s Moons campaign in 1908 on the Dark Side of the Mount.

Cpt. Murdoch distinguished himself throughout the campaign with outstanding dogfighting skills and other acts of amazing valor. However during one of the many sorties over enemy lines his SB Mk X was shot down somewhere over the Saturnium Empire’s enemy lines.

Missing in action, Cpt. Murdoch had been captured by the Saturnium Imperial Guards and held in a makeshift prison pending execution for “crimes against the Empire”.

However, Murdoch’s former years in “Department V” had served him well, teaching him the fine art of producing incendary devices from a deadly cocktail of methane and excrement tightly packed into a dead pigs hoof, with a fuse made of last Tuesday’s spaghetti and ignited with the spark from the dead pig’s teeth. Creating an implosion the size of a large effluent tank, or small black hole, Murdoch quickly slipped through the diminishing hole and escaped to another time zone.

Thereupon Cpt. Murdoch, slightly worse for wear and smelling terrible, was soon picked up by a band of local militia. He then realized he’d slipped back in time to the 1820’s and was now in the hands of a band of “Solar Rangers” (damned good chaps) famed for their exploits on the “Light Side of the Mount” just before things turned “Dark” the following Wednesday afternoon.

Cpt. Murdoch’s encounter with the Solar Rangers, lead by the now-infamous leader, Major Kenny Zulu Wright, ex Papamoa Drift Core, would prove to be a significant turning point in his career which would lead to many more hair-brained ideas and inventions which can be seen at “The Dark Side of the Mount”, a new exhibition at Lightwave Gallery from the 1st of February, Stardate 2013, grid reference, 31 Totara St, Mount Maunganui.

To be continued......

*SB Mk1 Fighter Plane
(extremely rare, the only one known surviving sky bullet plane in the private collection of Lord Thugmunkle Eggleston the Third)

**SB Mk V Fighter Plane
(if any one finds one of these it will need returning to Murdoch Aero Division to have the Dark Matter removed)

© Ken Wright, Lightwave Gallery 2013