Journal three: Star Date 28/01/1913

When two paths cross and great minds think alike extraordinary things can happen.  A unique partnership of good ol’ kiwi “enjinuity” and ex-pat bullshite can open up pathways and back passages as yet undiscovered without the availability of a long veterinary glove.

So, working together over many months Cpt. Murdoch and Kenny Zulu in the Lightwave’s Chambers of Horrors, (or “tea room” as it’s known to the team of intrepid explorers), worked on the concept of getting Cpt. Murdoch back to the Dark Side of the Mount and re-acquainted with the Viper Squadron.

Intellectualising throughout a long and gruelling night they schemed up “Project Tele-Krono”, which to the cretinous untrained eye could be perceived as a beaten up old dentist chair.  

Aha! Fools! Lo ....this is in fact a Mk3 Tele-Krono Transportator or Inter-SoLaR Chariot, a contraption so advanced for its day that it’s never been seen since.

Working on a simple principle similar to “Connect 4-3D” the alignment of 4 points through a three dimensional atmosphere to create a forth dimension, a place in time and space that’s not here, in fact it’s over there, we are now privileged to witness what is now commonly known as “Time Travel”.

The development of the Inter-SoLaR Chariot was a major turning point in Cpt. Murdoch’s career pathway. Retiring from Sky Bullet Academy, and embarking on what would become a thirty year journey into the unknown and outer reaches of the Solar System, in search of great inventions and fantabulous art forms the like of which the Mount has never seen.

The Inter-Solar Chariot can be viewed at “The Dark Side of the Mount”, a new exhibition at Lightwave Gallery from the

1st of February, Stardate 2013, grid reference, 31 Totara St, Mount Maunganui.

To be continued...

© Ken Wright, Lightwave Gallery 2013