Zam Drifter - Space Pilot (AKA Steve Allan)

This old friend of Cpt Robs was so laid back he fell off his rocket chair, finding him self dazed and confused which is not unusual but this time he awoke on the battle field behind enemy lines. This time he was really in the poo and more so than normal, as it was only Thursday. He didn't normally get into strife till Friday afternoon around Tui-o'Clock....

Stunned and dazed he knew he needed help.
"Calling Cpt. Rob (stop)
Zam Drifter to Rob (stop)
Come in Rob (stop)
Are you recieving (stop)  
Need help (stop)
Urgent (stop),
Loosing control of me faculties (stop)".

Zams fingers fluttered nimbly over the keys of his telezolactical keyboard. He loved Pink Floyd's Overture "Dark side of the Mount"  in D Major, but admitted it did sound better on the theramin.

Suddenly Cpt Rob Murdoch's face appeared on the crackly screen. Concern was written all over Murdoch's face.
A friend in need is a pain in the neck he thought. However, there was that ONE time when Zam saved him from a fate worse than death when Zam accidently broke his Des O'Connor box set that the mother-in-law bought last Christmas. So Rob knew deep down he owed Zam a BIG favour.

Murdoch lept to his feet and hit the Tele-krono-transportator running. His loyalty to his old colleague went by the by and he threw caution to the wind. Removing the felinosaurus sleeping snuggly in his leather battle-worn jacket, a quick kiss to Mrs Murdoch on the cheek, and away he went.

"Have a good day at the office dear", she called as he swept out the door in his chair and off into the three different sunsets, so another adventure begins.

Ashley Grant and Ken Wright, for Lightwave Gallery 2013