Put your foot down Sherman, I've been caught "Double Dipping"
We're gonna get creamed!

To set the scene:

The lift opens on the 69th floor of Cosmos Towers the head quarters of the Lippy Galore Foundation and in bursts Totty and Booty. “We want to see the boss,” they demanded, “and be quick about it!”

Lippy’s daughters were a little brash and a bit of a handful.

The girls storm into Lippy’s office and trying to out-do each other, both blurted out simultaneously, “I’m engaged”. Stunned silence. Lippy’s mouth dropped.
“JUST WHO is engaged, and to whom?” she demanded.

The twins glared at each other with a very knowing and daunting looks. “We’ve been duped they shrieked. Its Nikolai!”

“I’d dare say you have been more than duped. The BASTARD has been double dipping and I’m gonna whip him to within an inch of his tricycle,” Lippy exclaimed.

Lippy grabbed the twins firmly by the arm and dragged them to the lift.
“We’ll find him down the milk bar and it’ll be the last time he’ll order a cream horn with a twin top on the side at the same time!”