Photography B&W Boot Camp ~ Coromandel 4 nights

Land and Seascape Dawn to Dusk Black & White Drama


JUNE - October, Potential 2 a month depending on demand.

(Places are limited to 6-10 people plus our team of 3)  A detailed email will be sent to people that respond to this call.

The aim of the Coromandel workshop is to create a portfolio of dynamic fine art land and seascapes from an intense 4 day
road trip with one centralised base.

Winter in the Coromandel offers a wide range of environments. We have focused on the east side of the peninsular for its rugged coastline and dramatic rock formations. Its beauty on a fine day is without measure and on a stormy day the many rock formations are a gift to dramatic B&W landscapes.

Hahei 4 nights.

Hahei on the east side of the peninsular will have an emphasis on sunrise. This will give us two opportunities of sunrise at numerous bays.

During the day we are centralised to strike out to numerous other Bays, we will be able to chop and change according to the weather. We can book the water taxi for a first light shoot at the Sea Cave only accessible by boat ($85 extra per person) this boat ride also takes in the coast line and various islands.

Your Workshop Fees includes:

1, All tuition fees, I aim to give every one of you as much one on one time as possible.

2, Accommodation based on 4 nights Hahei.

3, Food: The coromandel is remote past Whitianga and Coromandel Township, so its easier if we cater for the food.

Each day a light breakfast will be available, this may be after a dawn shoot.

On day’s where we will be out all day we will have a packed lunch available with tea and coffee.

Evening Meal for 4 nights will be home cooking and roasts. We have budgeted for food on this basis.
Additional cost will be wine and beer at your own discretion.

Final price to be determined, on an individual basis,
An indicative (approx) price range at this point is $1750 - $2250 per person

NOTE: We have been able to scope out 80% of the cost, the variable is due to not knowing individual requirements, the lesser figure is based on sharing accommodation in lodges (Ladies and Men split) the higher price is based on a best guess of splitting the group up, if you are requiring your own facilities (toilet/shower) the price will fluctuate accordingly.

If you are genuinely interested in this tour please email ken at

Ken Wright Director

Lightwave Photography Limited.