Local artist, Rob Murdoch, appears in the story as Captain Rob from a parallel universe,
“The Dark Side of The Mount”.

(Rob Murdoch’s steampunk rockets and guns triggered the whole idea for the book).

Captain Rob (Robby) Murdoch, Sky Bullet Commander, “Wingco” to his friends, is stationed in the outer sector of quadrant X. He’s an intrepid time traveler, hunter and collector of all things strange, including rare art forms from the farthest corners of the galaxy.

Cpt Rob, the only child of Lord and Lady Murdoch, of famed Murdoch Industries, and purveyors of fine Ray Guns for the Intergalactic Traveler since last Thursday tea time, grew up in the south wing of the Murdoch Mansion.

For his fourth birthday Robby received his own division of Murdoch Industries, Department V. This lead to the development of a new line of ray guns for the Solar Gun Slinger.  With a brief that would consume the next fourteen of his developmental years, consisting of, simply, how to make matter disappear - or as it’s commonly known as “vaporization” - the art of making ones opponent not only dead, but dead and totally gone! No mess to clean up!

WARNING: Once you feel the throb of a vaporization weapon you’ll never go back to solid rounds again.

NOTE: small parts may cause choking, only aliens were harmed in the development of these weapons.

Terms and conditions apply. No refunds will be given for not having full control of your weapon.

Your wife won’t like this, so man-up and get a grip, she will be impressed with the throb.