Advanced Fine Art Photography

Capturing Light to Create Art (Two Days One on One) INTENSE, reasonable fitness required.

This workshop is for you if: you shoot all your images on Manual, you know when to use
aperture and shutter priority.

You are ready to get more from your images and you want to create artwork.

The aim of workshop is to understand light balancing filters, neutral density grads,
reverse grads and light blockers for slow shutter work.

Briefing: Telephone the night before

Day one:

This is a long day, depending on time of the year, we will cover three locations.

Dawn: Gaining Light, a race against time (Morning Tea provided on the run)

Most likely to be a beach sunrise (Options: Leisure Island, Papamoa Domain, Newdicks Beach, Pukehina Beach) Depends on tides, weather and angle of sun.

Daylight, controlling the speed of light (Lunch provided on the run)

Most likely to be slow shutter work with moving water (Options: McLarens Falls Park, Otanewainuku Forest, Kaiate Falls) Depends on weather and fitness of the group on the day, you will be given a choice, Otanewainuku Forest involves a reasonable walk.

Dusk to Sunset, dying light waits for no one (Afternoon Tea provided on the run)

Most likely to be a beach sunset (Options: Leisure Island, Papamoa Domain, Base of the Mount Rocks, Pilots Bay, Ferguson Park) Depends on tides, weather and angle of sun on the day.

Day two:

This is a shorter day based in Kens Studio, you will be required to bring your best images on a flash drive or DVD in a file format agreed on depending on the camera and system you use. We will shoot only RAW or Tiff, we will look at how to bring your images to life through Photoshop, Topaz and Photomatix Pro and some good old fashion darkroom tricks.

Note: Locations depend on the weather, WARNING, you may get your feet wet,
change of foot wear is useful.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for your own camera gear at all times and you are responsible for your own safety,
you will not be asked to go anywhere you donít want to or feel unsure of, SAFETY comes FIRST.

There are no set dates for classes, I will work around you, based in Papamoa, field locations depend on the weather, One on One private tuition based around your needs. Fee is $1600.00


You will already be using a semi pro camera and familiar with all settings.

Your Camera Manual (different brands have different setting)

A Substantial tripod is essential. A means of adding weight to the tripod.

A set of ND Grads, an 8 stop light control filter. polarizing filter.

Change of clothes, footwear, Headlamp torch for dawn.